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A very short leap from a possible association to causation and questioning policy decisions

Today I came across the article: “High Home Ownership Is Strongly Linked To High Unemployment [STUDY]” from the Business Insider – link. Seems fascinating, right?  Perhaps we be changing public policies encouraging home ownership? Unfortunately, there seems to be quite … Continue reading

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Examples illustrating axis, gridline, title, and legend formatting in ggplot2 and R

I love the ggplot visualization package in R, but often found myself forgetting the exact syntax for formatting titles, axis, gridlines, etc.  As a reminder to myself and others, I put together a quick set of examples.  These are based … Continue reading

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Good news: InfoVis and Simpson’s Paradox!

I’m on vacation this week in the Stockholm archipelago, so have mostly been thinking about swimming, sailing, running, and blueberries this week and I will keep this post fairly short.  But I do have some exciting news to report! Visualizing … Continue reading

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Algorithms: heap data structure and intro to Greedy Algorithms

I’m currently taking the Algorithms 1/Algorithms 2 courses on Coursera.  This is an aside from pure data viz, but is good to get this part of the core cs foundation.  And, it’s fun! Today’s lectures & main take-away messages Heaps … Continue reading

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Some troubleshooting suggestions for adapting “let’s make a map” to other countries

Following up on the previous Let’s Make a Map post, here is some additional info for others adapting the original demo to other countries or parts of the world. Some things that you might need to take into account for … Continue reading

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