I’m writing this blog because there was a moment last fall when I was tackling a tough analysis problem with a colleague and suddenly, after I suggested changing how we literally looked at the data, we went from not knowing the answer to knowing the answer. The answer was at our fingertips, but until we changed the visualization it didn’t matter that the data was right there.  I want to have that moment of discovery all the time.

This blog is to give myself a place to critique & curate visualizations in order to learn from others by thinking deeply about what they’re doing, and to share what I find along the way. I hope you enjoy it!  Please feel welcome to leave comments & reach out to me.

And for the more practical facts, I’m currently doing freelance data visualization.  I spent the last 5 years as a data analyst at Google with a lot of experience staring at timeseries graphs & forecasting analysis.  I love the thrill of exploration & discovery in data, I care about ‘data justice’ and digging deep to find the true story, and I can get caught up in visual design for hours.


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